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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do large print runs?

Coastal Colour has one of the largest offset print presses in the Mid Island region. We pride ourselves on the ability to print large runs of marketing and promotional materials in-house. We offer competitive pricing and are able to quote on print runs of several hundred to several hundred thousand to suit your needs. Contact one of our...

Do I need a Designer?

We have our own in-house designers at our Nanaimo facility! Standard hourly rate for add-on art, illustration and design. We are able to design and create the right visual look for your pieces. 

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What file formats can I use?

We accept many file formats but recommend that your final artwork files are produced in a PDF format. Your designer will be able to configure your final artwork to ensure that it is set to high resolution and in print-ready format. We will take the final file and print from it directly.

What is a bleed?

A bleed is an area outside your normal document where your design is carried over. It's a bit like 'colouring outside the lines' and allows for the design to be cut in batches. The overlap of the design or bleed as it is known, provides a slight buffer so that in the event of the cutting blade being offset by a small amount, your design still floods to the edge...